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Sammy Atomiswave Candy Cab Bezel with Dark Mode for Retroarch

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This is a Sammy #Atomiswave #Arcade Candy Cab bezel made for #Retroarch. I've included Dark Mode is in this bezel. These Arcade Bezels were made by me. They were tested on Windows 10 with Retroarch running at 1920x1080 with the reicast_libretro core. You can download them here - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Samurai Shodown VI (Standard Version) - 00:05 Dolphin Blue (Standard Version) - 00:51 Demolish First (Standard Version with No Screen Overlay) - 01:35 Knights Of Valour (Dark Mode) - 03:24 King of the Fighters XI (Dark Mode with Glow Screen Outline) - 04:38 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thinks to MQC on the...
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