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Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference | Exclusive Games ONLY

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Microsoft E3 2018 Press conference featuring only the trailers and gameplay for the exclusives shown during the presentation. 0:00 Halo 6 2:40 Ori 2 4:44 Crackdown 3 6:29 Sea of ZZZZ's 8:30 Forza Horizon 4 16:03 Battletoads 17:08 Gears 5 Most of it is Forza Horizon 4's demo. No multiplatform titles, timed exclusives, or coporate PR is in this video. It is amazing how short the presentation really is if you look at the games only available on Xbox and Windows 10. Shoot out to Carlos Vega for the idea. Thank you guys for watching. Please leave any constructive criticism,...
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