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The Evil Within 2 - GTX 1060 - Ryzen 3 1200 and G4560 - 1080p - 1440p - 4K - Benchmark

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Want to see the fps like me? Download CAM here: Querés ver los fps como yo? Descargá CAM acá: Gameplay starts at 00:15 (1080p G4560) I switch to 1080p at 02:27 (Ryzen 3 1200 footage starts here) I lower to the minimum at 03:57 I switch to 1440p at 05:55 (1060 OC) I lower to the minimum at 09:19 I switch to 4K at 11:47 (1060 OC) More game tests on GTX 1060: GTX 1050 ti: GTX 750 ti: If you want to support me: Amazon Influencer Shop: Humble Bundle Affiliate link: Humble...
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